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My First Bridal Makeup Job

Bridal Makeup
You may or may not know that on Saturday I completed my first bridal makeup job. I say bridal, what I really mean is one bride, five bridesmaids, two mothers of the bride, one special guest and two flower girls - not all on my own I should add as I enlisted the help of another girl to share the work. After lots of nerves and excitement the big day finally came around (you'd think I was the one getting married) and three hours later everyone was transformed. The bride looked beautiful and it was the biggest relief and sense of accomplishment to know that had done her makeup for one of the most important days of her life. In this post I wanted to showcase the makeup that I used on Hayley along with my thoughts and my experiences.

Hayley (the bride) had a vintage themed wedding and wanted her makeup to follow suit which was daunting to say the least but after a crash course in vintage makeup with a local (very experienced) makeup artist I was feeling much more confident. After prepping the skin with Khiels Ultra Facial Cream and Benefit Porefessional I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation (not pictured - the bride bought this herself) in two different shades. Hayley had acne-prone skin and wanted a fuller coverage with a matte finish and I was recommended Double Wear Light which is lightweight and fluid on the skin, medium coverage with a natural, semi-matte finish and SPF10 with no flashback. To cover the remaining redness and blemishes I used Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair and Medium which done a cracking job. To me it's a highend concealer in low-end packaging with a low-end price point; it doesn't get much better than that. For Hayley's (non-existent) dark circles I used Givenchy Mister Light and just made sure her undereye area was kept very bright and awake-looking.

For the eyes it was all about the eyeliner so minimal shadow was used. I primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion and used Bootycall from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, a lightly shimmering champagne and Mudhoney in the crease, a matte brown from the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff palette. Eyeliner is the part of makeup I struggle with doing the most on other people but somehow I was feeling really rather relaxed and really enjoying myself so thankfully there were no shaky hands to contend with. I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner which is fantastic stuff and together with the MAC 209 managed to wing the eyes out nicely (q-tips were my best friend for this). This was topped off with some of Hayley's own false eyelashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company which (thank the lord) went on with ease and went perfectly with the whole vintage look. The eyes were finished off with a little of the matte brown underneath the eye, a tiny bit of Bootycall on the brow bone and inner corner and a smidgen of Max Factor Fasle Lash Effect Waterproof on her lower lashes. Eyes, done.

Powder products on the face consisted of MAC Sculpting Powder in Sculpt for a contour, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer and a touch of MAC Fleur Power, a dusky warm pink to bring just a little bit of colour to the cheeks. A recent purchase of theBalm Mary Lou Manizer went lightly onto the cheekbones and everything was set into place with Rimmel Stay Matte through the t-zone.

Lips. Lips were the main focus of the whole look and strangely I wasn't nervous about this part as when I done my makeup course I seemed to just have a knack for creating a perfect red pout - if I do say so myself! Let me tell you, it's a struggle to find a true red lipstick from the drugstore and as far as I could see they are basically non-existent. I stumbled upon Illamasqua Sangers, an unworn, perfect vintage-y red already in my stash but we ended up going for a slightly more pinky-toned red from Clinique (not pictured as it wasn't mine and I don't know the name) which worked perfectly. No lipliner was used, just a lip brush and the lipstick and I really worked it into the lips to make sure it lasted as long as possible.

And then it done was done. Bridal makeup, complete. Of course then I had to move onto the other members of the wedding party but Hayley was my main focus and let me tell you, she looked completely beautiful and it's the best feeling knowing I played a part in that. 


Soap & Glory Solar Powder

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

When you wear something every single day from the day you bought it I think it's safe to say you're onto a real winner. The product in question is the Soap & Glory Solar Powder, something I'd heard about here and there until a few people sung its praises enough that it really piqued my interest and so on my next trip to Boots it went straight into the basket.

So, what is it? Solar Powder is half matte bronzer and half highlighter which, when applied together create something quite special. I'm a very recent bronzer convert after the introduction of The Body Shop Honey Bronzer into my life but still, as much as I love it I continue to crave that glowing complexion to revive my dull, dull skin. This is where Solar Powder steps in. It's not orange, not too dark and I hate to use the phrase but it really does 'blend like a dream'. 

To apply I use a fluffy angled brush and kind of sweep it across the middle of the product so that when the brush then goes onto my face the highlighter side gets nicely distributed onto my cheekbones and the bronzer underneath. Genius. Of course you can be more indiscriminate about it but I think it's quite a nifty trick and takes no effort as it really does blend so well. I also bring it onto my forehead and the result is a truly glowing, bronzed complexion. Sadly I was totally unable to capture a picture of it on my face where you're able to see the effect of the highlighter too so the best you're getting is me trying my very hardest not to do the 'resting bitch face' thing; I'm a chronic sufferer and this was the best of a bad bunch.

The packaging isn't the best (cardboard) and at £11 the price may seem a little steep for the drugstore but for me it's worth every penny. It's the makeup product I didn't know I needed but really it's what I've been searching for all along. Does that make sense? I hope so. And I hope you try it out and fall in love with it too because it is awesome.


My Favourite Youtubers

I love Youtube, I really do. One of my most favourite ways of chilling out is by flicking through my subscription list either on a morning while I'm getting ready or when I'm tucked up in bed at night and it's a bit of a daily ritual for me. While I may love the Zoella's and Sprinkleofglitter's as much as the rest of the world I also watch a lot of videos from people who are a bit more under the radar but just as fabulous. They're all beauty themed, of course, with some vlogs thrown in there. I love vlogs. 

I remember the first video I watched from Simone and I instantly thought 'this girl is hilarious' and couldn't hit subscribe fast enough. Simone is from Ireland and lives in Dubai with her husband and son (and pooches) and is good friends with ex-Youtuber and now-blogger Laura from Buy Now Blog Later who makes regular appearances in her vlogs. If you love beauty videos and weekly vlogs I guarantee you'll lover her. P.S. her laugh is infectious.
Watch: Beauty Haul

As per the username Jessica is a beautician and boy does that girl know. her. stuff. If you're after product recommendations and want your wishlist to grow tenfold Jessica is your girl. High end is definitely her thing although there's a lot of drugstore in there too and I always get excited when I see a video of hers pop up because I know I'll leave with a list as long as my arm. Jessica's videos are always so well done and professional and she seems like the sweetest girl.

If you like your vlogs down to earth and 'real' check out Mary's channel. Now. Mary is a hairdresser in training and it's so nice following her journey and hearing her stories. Plus, she's another one that's just bloody hilarious without even trying. She also does fashion and beauty videos but really, I'm all about her vlogs. 
Watch: I f**king hate running 

Kat is a makeup artist and actually one of the people whose recommendation led me on to do the makeup course that I completed in London last year. I will be forever grateful for that. Knowing that she done the same course as me, is only a year older than me, was in the same position as me in a boring job and seeing her doing what she does now is so inspiring. Her videos are mostly makeup-based, naturally, with tutorials and even some fashion videos too. 

I never miss a single video from these girls and genuinely get excited when a video pops up from them. I'd recommend them all in a heartbeat. If you're already subscribed then great but if not what are you waiting for? Go!


(Very) Lightweight Bases

Nars Tinted Moisturiser, REN BB Cream
Since around summer last year I really got turned onto very sheer, light bases for the first time and since then have all but ditched my 'proper' foundations save for nights out and the like (in which case it's Nars Sheer Glow all the way). I'm all about BB Creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers, you name it if it's light and sheer I want it on my face. These are the products in my stash that fit the bill:

The REN Satin Perfection BB Cream (review) was my absolute staple product last summer and it's all I've worn the past week since digging it back out and rediscovering why I loved it so much. The texture is unusual and the colour in the tube looks like it would never work in a million years (orange) but it sheers out so much that all it leaves on the skin is a veil of colour that makes the face look radiant and healthy. I'm not sure I can profess my love for this enough although I'm halfway through the tube and given that there was 50mls in there to start with I think that speaks volumes. REN have now changed the packaging to a squeezy tube after the pump on the original packaging kept failing on people (myself included). Isn't it great when brands actually listen to what their customers want?

I was drawn to the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream because of its Origins Vitazing-esque properties; you know, the whole 'rub and release the colour' thing - I love that. It's definitely a cream and feels hydrating on my dry, dry skin and once it's all been rubbed in and blended out leaves my face looking healthy and glowing. The colour it produces is definitely one for my tanned skin days and any remotely pale girls should avoid this like the plague; there is absolutely no way I could get away with this in the winter. For now though it's working for me and I'm making the most of it while it lasts.

Aah, the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I was so, so excited to get this after lusting after it for a very long time. In all honesty I'm still very much making my mind up on it. I think it was so hyped up online and in my mind that upon using for the first time I was a leetle bit deflated. I think I was expecting a little bit more in the coverage stakes (I don't know why, it is a tinted moisturiser after all) as it is very sheer and the colour Finland is much too yellow for me. It gives the most skin-like appearance of the bunch leaning more matte rather than imparting any dewiness which certainly makes a change for me. I like it but I wouldn't say I loved it - yet - although there's still time, in fact some of my all-time favourite products began their lives with me declaring they're no good. Call me fickle like that.

Not one of these has a great deal of coverage but that's why I love 'em so. If you read my recent post on the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer you'll know it's that stuff that really does the magic in enabling me to wear such sheer bases with ease. I just do not need - or want - to cake my face up when I don't need to although I'm a long, long way off going without any kind of base whatsoever. When that day comes (if ever) I'll be one very happy lady.


New Beauty Buys

You know I like to do these 'what I bought' posts now and again when the mood strikes me and the time is now for the latest instalment. Let me tell you, this post could have been a lot longer as my wishlist is seriously huge at the minute but somehow I'm managing to be very good with my spending and as much as I'm still stalking Escentual and Feel Unique daily I'm yet to go ahead and check out my basket. Maybe I do have an ounce of willpower after all.

No prizes for guessing which product I was most excited about as everyone's going a little crazy about the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and I'm not ashamed to admit I bought it the day after release being the eager beaver that I am. A one minute facial you say? Say it ain't so. Call me a sucker for marketing all you want but this appealed to me in a big way and after a few uses I haven't been disappointed. It comes out a pale green almost paste-like substance with teeny granules that you spread onto dry skin, add water to to activate the vitamin C (at which point those little granules all melt away), massage in for one minute and rinse off. Sound easy? It is. And it leaves my skin feeling oh so baby soft, it's quite amazing. Time will tell whether it actually improves the quality of my skin, I shall keep you updated.

As much as I have extremely (understatement) dry skin I'm very lax with moisturising my body - and then I wonder why I get eczema all over. Duh. For a long time I assumed that the Vaseline Spray & Go was nothing more than a marketing gimmick but it turns out it's actually really very good and I'm finding myself absent-mindedly spraying my arms whenever it's next to me. It's novel, it works and it really truly sinks in straight away. Love it.

Ok so this next one I didn't actually buy so props to Escentual for sending me it but it's new to my stash so I'm including it. The Roger & Gallet Huile Gourmande Fleur de Figuier* is an oil for the body and hair and it's that last part that got me a bit excited. Hair oils are my favourite and this one makes it soft and smell delicious. There's fig, blackcurrant, pomegranate and all kinds of natural oils in there which make it smell so distinctive, there's no waiting about for it to sink in and it's silicone-free. Boom.

Ahh, Seventeen, you know I love you so. I didn't necessarily need a new mascara but I've used Doll'd Up daily since I got it towards the end of last year (I'm on my second tube) and as much as I love the stuff have become a little bored with it. Staying faithful to the brand I got the new Falsifeye HD mascara which I used today and it worked great on one eye - curled, defined, clump-free - but not so well on the other eye which refused to hold a curl so off it came and I applied a different one. Yep, I'm wearing a different mascara on each eye *shrug*. I'm thinking it might be a grower just as Doll'd Up was which is now one of my fave mascaras ever.

I'm a total and complete sucker for brow products so I grabbed hold of the new Rimmel Brow This Way gel in the shade Dark Brown as soon as my eyes latched onto it. It's a Benefit Gimme Brow dupe, no question, and although I've never used Benefit's (£17.50? Hell no) I'm thinking this must be very, very similar. It's the first tinted brow gel I've ever used that actually adds a lot of bulk, definition and colour to my eyebrows which I so desperately need. At a push I could use this on its own with no other brow product but my eyebrows need a lot of help so I'm still using a powder or pencil alongside it. I can see this being the answer to a lot of people's eyebrow prayers and at £14.50 cheaper than Benefit? I know which one I'd go for.

Very pleased with this round of beauty buys, although like I said it could have been a lot bigger if I hadn't been so restrained lately. To name a few I really want Nars DouceurMAC Fix + and Urban Decay Setting Spray, so if you have any of these please, feel free to peer pressure me into buying them.