June Favourites


Sorry but I have to say it: how the hell are we half way through the year already?! I remember when I was a kid and the six weeks summer holidays felt like they went on forever, now I feel like time is just escaping me. Anyway, I digress. I didn't discover too many new favourites in June as I've been continuing to use a lot of the same products from my May Favourites but a few nice and affordable makeup bits were purchased that I've been really enjoying and have made their way into my daily routine.

Let's begin with the one skincare item, the Rodial Glamtox Serum*. I find myself rarely featuring skincare on the blog these days, partly because I have a pretty solid routine that doesn't often change and partly because I think you have to really thoroughly try out a skincare product before giving an opinion, hence the Rodial serum only just making and appearance after over three months of use. The Glamtox Serum is, to me, not too dissimilar to the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial not only in appearance and texture but also in function in that they both contain a potent blend of oils and vitamins and aim to do that whole rejuvenated and regenerated thing. However looking at the ingredients lists Rodial is actually much, much more natural than Sarah Chapman which is chock full of numbers and words I can't pronounce and quite frankly I find slightly frightening. The Glamtox Serum also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A) which does a whole load of amazing things for the skin, although it is second last on the ingredients list. Given that I'm 25 my skin's still in pretty good nick so I can't speak for the supposed reduction in the appearance of fine lines but I can say that I believe it does some good in making my skin more plumped and hydrated and I just really like knowing that I'm feeding it some really good stuff. P.S. I've literally just looked on the Rodial website and found that it's currently more than half price at £24 making it even cheaper than the Overnight Facial - definitely worth checking out especially at that price.

Two new lipsticks have been gracing my face the past month and they are lovely and cheap, yay! I haven't heard a great deal about the new Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks but they caught my eye in Boots (everything catches my eye in Boots let's be honest) and I got the colour Rose, a slightly warm pink with an ever so slight hint of coral. They have this new wax-free gel technology which makes them ultra light, creamy and moisturising on the lips but still with good colour payoff. And I've found that if you go on the Revlon website website they show you what each color looks like on different skintones - genius! Bravo, Revlon.

The other lipstick I only bought in the last week of June but I like it that much that I just have to include it. The Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 03 is entirely different in formula to the Revlon one - it's a matte which I normally avoid like the plague and it's more of a true nude than I would normally go for (slightly less pink, more beige) but when those two features are combined the result somehow makes your lips look a bit fuller - I reckon it would look amazing with a smokey eye and I'll be trying that look out ASAP.

Finally we have another winner from King of mascaras Maybelline. When I first tried the Lash Sensational mascara I found I had use an eyelash comb afterwards as too much product went on them but all you really need to do is wipe the brush before applying. It gives amazing length and definition, holds a curl (#1 criteria), doesn't flake, doesn't clump and doesn't smudge. The formula is quite wet but it's not at all thin, it's actually quite thick it's just that it takes a little while to dry - Maybelline Falsies for instance is pretty useless until it's dried out and thickened up a bit when it becomes amazing, Lash Sensational however is great from the get-go. I love the curved, plastic brush too which really lengthens, separates and defines. Another win for Maybelline, I swear they can do no wrong when it comes to mascara.
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My Charlotte Tilbury Collection



My obsession with Charlotte Tilbury makeup is spiraling outta control. There's something just so seriously lustworthy and addictive about - hell, even midst writing this I placed another order and so my collection has now grown even further. It's a bit of a problem. I read review after review of different products and shades while trying to decide what to get next and so thought I'd help anyone else out in a similar position by doing a brief(ish) roundup of each product. Although if you're anything like me you get so overwhelmed at the choice that usually you end up buying nothing at all.

This was the thing that kickstarted the whole obsession; I honestly don't think I've ever lusted after a single piece of makeup so much as I did with this and it lived up to all my expectations and more. I don't actually use this on myself and it instead belongs in my kit as the sole bronzer I use - it is that good and I'm yet to come across a single bride/bridesmaid/mother of the bride it doesn't work on. The not too cool but not warm colour makes it more like a hybrid between a contour and a bronzer working to define, shape and warm the face and the subtle golden shimmer never looks at all obvious on the face instead helping with the whole radiant, lifted effect. That's all without even touching on the formula which is just perfect - not over the top pigmented allowing the colour to be built up, really finely milled allowing for really easy blending and absolutely no powderiness. The warm, golden highlighter I find can be a bit much and I'm looking to get a fan brush to deposit it more subtly on the skin. But still, it is beautiful. And the packaging? Don't even get me started. Divine.

Powder & Sculpt Brush
I felt like I couldn't get one without the other and bought the bronzer and brush as a set (whole £2 saving woohoo...) While it is undeniably great for contouring I rarely do it on myself nor on my brides and so it's been relegated to highlighter application - a total waste admittedly. Still, if I do ever find the need to contour I'm really glad I have it because it is the perfect shape and size to get right in that hollow and blend out. And come on, even Charlotte Tilbury's brushes are totally beautiful - without a doubt the nicest I own.

Eyeshadow Palettes in The Vintage Vamp & The Uptown Girl
Along with the Filmstar Bronze & Glow the eyeshadow palettes have to be the standout products of the range. I absolutely love the whole concept behind them and how each one is so distinct with its own individual look. It's just genius and I want them all. For a super sultry burgundy eye look The Vintage Vamp is your gal or for more cool smokey grey tones it's all about The Uptown Girl. It goes without saying that the formula is impeccable: they blend beautifully and with zero fallout. Like Charlotte Tilbury said herself all you need is a fluffy blending brush and all of the work is done for you - and it's so, so true.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk
Another iconic CT product, I was dying to get my hands on this and when I finally did... I was left a little disappointed. It does get major brownie points for really truly being waterproof and smudge proof (scribble it on your hand and it will not come off) but the downside to this is that it's really waxy and difficult to apply and that really puts me off from using it. The colour is a nice, neutral pink (I find the so called 'dupe' Rimmel Eastend Snob to be a much lighter, cooler pink just fyi) and I do like how it looks on the lips but I'm just not really a fan of the formula. Give me a MAC lip pencil any day, that's all I'm sayin'.

Full Fat Lashes Mascara
I watched an interview with Charlotte Tilbury where she said the mascara was the product that was the most difficult and took the longest to get right. To me there's not much point trying to achieve the 'perfect' mascara because people want different things - some length, some volume, some curl, some all three. Full Fat Lashes is supposed to do it all but in reality it doesn't really lengthen or hold a curl particularly well. It is a nice mascara and I love how creamy the formula is and that there are zero clumps (literally, none) but for me I need more a bit more drama.

Rock 'N' Kohl in Bedroom Black
Everyone needs a good black pencil eyeliner in their collection and it should be smudge-able but should also set and stay put, long-lasting and of course super duper black. The Rock 'N' Kohl eyeliner does all of those things but I find it hard to get excited about it because it's another black eyeliner and a decent one is ten a penny nowadays. I didn't buy this as (like most of my Charlotte Tilbury stuff) it was part of a present but if I did I would definitely have gone for Barbarella Brown as I find browns much more flattering than black which can be quite harsh and unforgiving.

Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze
Honestly, I've never really gotten on with these crayon eye pencils in general so I'll keep this one short and sweet. Amber Haze is a really gorgeous bronzy-brown with golden shimmer designed for brown eyes. It's creamy on application but once it sets it really sets and doesn't budge so it doesn't allow much time for blending however it does still crease on me without a primer. If I enjoyed using eye crayons I would probably love this because the colour is stunning but I just find them too much like hard work to tempt me to stray from my powder eyeshadows. Lazy... me?

Beach Stick in Las Salinas
A pink cream blusher of some description is my daily go-to and so picking up a beach stick in this bright, fresh pink was a total no-brainer for me. Instructions state to apply straight from the stick and blend with the fingers but I find this just completely ruins my foundation and bronzer underneath and so instead I swipe my stippling brush across the product and then apply. Perfect. The formula is like nothing I've used before; it's not creamy but it's not powdery either - I think it's maybe something to do with the ceramidone which is the apparent 'genius ingredient' - whatever it is it makes it feels light as air and silky smooth. It doesn't have the natural dewiness that comes from a truly cream cream blush but instead has this whole light-diffusing thing going on that makes the skin look healthy and glowing. Las Salinas is the most beautiful cool, fresh pink that I just love and after recently seeing the bronze Ibiza in action I now want to get my hands on that one too.

Aaand that just about rounds up my collection. To be honest, even the products I'm a bit less enthusiastic about I can't help but still admiring purely because everything's just so damn aesthetically pleasing. Midst writing this I've gone and added The Golden Goddess palette and Lip Lustre in Blondie to my collection - told you, it's a problem. Feel free to let me know if there's anything you feel like I'm missing that I absolutely must get - I know it won't be long before I get my hands on the Light Wonder foundation and a blusher... but in which shade? Help a girl out!
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Richard Ward Haircare


You probably all know of the 'growing my hair out' journey I'm going through at the minute, lord knows I go on about it often enough. As a result I'm really trying to look after my hair and have cut back on the amount of heat I use on it dramatically. Also as a result I'm open to and excited to try out new haircare products - anything in a bid to protect my hair and make it grow lovely and long and beautiful (I can dream).

Before this whole hair kick began I was sent some pieces from celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward  (Kate Middleton being one of his clients) who has turned his hand to creating a range of new haircare products. The line is comprehensive with everything from shampoos to styling sprays and is all surprisingly very affordable - for some reason I've never been one to spend a lot of money on haircare like I do on makeup or skincare and so for £5.99 across the board prices are very appealing. I did do a little Googling (it's what I do, I Google everything) and he also has a whole line of 'professional' products that are more on the expensive side of things - I'd be interested to how big the difference in quality is between the two.

I've been using the Anti-Ageing Argan Hairspray* and honestly, I'm really not fussy with hairspray. As long as it has decent hold without going crispy I'm happy and it does just that - long gone are the days of backcombing my hair into oblivion and using a bucketload of Tresemme Extra Hold hairspray (cringe cringe cringe). It does contain argan oil which is obviously beneficial to the hair (although how beneficial it could be in a hairspray I'm not sure) however I find the whole 'anti-ageing' thing in the title a little unnecessary given that hair is, well, already dead. Still, it's a nice product and one I would be happy to buy with my own pennies.

The two other products I've been trying are the Keratin Styling Spray* and Keratin Shine Vitamin Boost* both of which contain super popular ingredient of the moment - you've guessed it - Keratin. Keratin is the stuff that makes up our hair and nails and adding it back into the hair helps 'fill in the cracks' where there is damage therefore strengthening and smoothing the hair and basically doing a whole load of wonderful things as a result. I was surprised to see Keratin actually fairly high up in the ingredients list of the Styling Spray - given its price I expected it to be way at the bottom somewhere more or less rendering it totally useless. But it's not. Hooray! Out of the two Keratin-infused products the Styling Spray is definitely my fave, I use it on damp hair after I've washed it and find it makes things slightly fuller and thicker post-blowdry without any crispiness or making the hair feel overloaded which is great because I hate feeling like my hair is full of product straight after I've washed it. I want it to feel clean! As for the Shine Vitamin Boost, well, to be honest I don't really notice any difference although my hair's pretty lacklustre anyway so it would probably take a super duper amazing shine spray to make much difference.

I'm no hairdresser so I really have no idea how much Keratin you would need in a product for it to actually work, all I know is that it's right near the bottom of the ingredients list for the Shine Spray and somewhere near the middle for the Vitamin Boost which is more encouraging. For a very  affordable haircare line I'd say it's pretty good - I'm not blown away or anything there's some decent, solid products with some really good ingredients in there.
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Three Steps to a Natural, Flawless Base


Things have come a long way from back in the day when I used to slather on Revlon Colourstay like it was going out of business. Admittedly my skin has improved a lot since then but I really wish I could go back and tell myself that I really did not need to wear such a thick, heavy foundation every single day. Since starting in the world of bridal makeup it's really surprised me just how many people think their skin is so, so bad when in reality it's not, and how many people insist on wearing a heavy coverage foundation when actually it would look a whole lot better with something a bit lighter. I've had quite a few bridesmaids insist I use Estee Lauder Double Wear and I'm yet to see it look great on anyone (Double Wear Light on the other hand is amazing) and so I thought I'd do a post on how to get your makeup looking completely flawless but still natural without that mask-like look. This is how I've been applying my base daily for a good few years now and there's three separate, definable steps to it.

1. Apply Your Foundation
For daytime wear I like something very light like Rimmel Match Perfection or for something a bit fancier I use Nars Sheer Glow, either way the steps are the same. Having dry skin means a well moisturised base is key for me, or if you have oilier skin you might like to use a primer to help lock things in place and provide a smooth canvas. Recently I've been enjoying using a combination of my fingers to initially apply the foundation then my favourite Sephora Mineral Powder Brush to get it buffed and blended in properly. The key here is to apply a quite light layer, just enough to even things out where on my skin there's still quite a bit of scarring and some redness poking through especially when I use something really light like the Rimmel foundation.

2. Liquid Concealer
Next I use a heavy coverage concealer, something along the lines of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer or Collection Lasting Perfection, you know the drill. I apply this in the areas that still need coverage which on me is my forehead, bridge, creases and sides of my nose and all round my chin. Rather than buffing this in like with the foundation instead I use the same brush and stipple the concealer in - this is really important so that you're actually covering what needs to be covered and not just moving the concealer all around. At this point my skin is looking pretty damn good but there's still a small bit of work needed to be done to get a truly flawless finish, and this is when we move onto step three.

3. Pinpoint Concealing
I absolutely swear by pinpoint concealing and have been doing it for probably as long as I've been into makeup. For this you need a solid concealer in a pot - MAC Studio Finish, Seventeen Phwoarr Paint and Rimmel Lasting Finish are good ones - and a small concealer brush, I like to use the Real Techniques Detailer Brush. At this point my skin always has just a few small areas where those really stubborn scars are still coming through, or where I have active blemishes which is pretty much always exclusively around my chin. With the brush I take a small amount of the pot concealer (which is always very high coverage) and apply and blend it only where it's needed and the smaller the brush the more precise you can be, hence 'pinpoint' concealing.

Ta-dah! Whether I'm wearing something really light (which is usually the case) or something a bit heavier by applying my makeup in this way I always, always get really flawless, perfected looking skin that still looks natural and not caked in makeup because it isn't caked in makeup. Even when my skin was still full of acne scars I applied it in this way and it was a revelation because it meant I was finally able to wear all those BB creams and tinted moisturisers. The key is to building the coverage where you need it and not just putting mounds of foundation on and being done with it. A bit of undereye concealer, some powder and boom, you have super lovely looking skin that lasts all day long.
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My Thoughts on Claudia Louch Makeup

Claudia Louch Makeup

Claudia Louch is one of those brands I hadn't heard a single thing about until it started popping up left right and centre on blogs. It's the brain-child of holistic skincare specialist Claudia Louch with a high-end, natural, no-frills approach to cosmetics which are designed for even the most sensitive skins. I've been testing and trialling out a few products from the brand for the past couple of months or so and am finally ready to scribble down my thoughts.

I must first point out that this is a very expensive brand. It's like high-end makeup for those that want to go natural, except that I'm a bit puzzled as to how it's just so expensive when the packaging doesn't nearly reflect the price point. At £52.50 (!!!) for a powder I'd want it encrusted in gold or something, and I definitely would not expect the packaging to break which is what has sadly happened with mine. 

It looks like I'm getting the negatives out of the way first so I'm going to start with the most underwhelming of the bunch: the Original Lashware Mascara*. This is designed for eyes that struggle with irritation from most normal mascaras and so it's hypoallergenic, allergy-tested with no fibres, plastics or sealers. The result is a formula that gives a very natural lash look - the mascara doesn't hold a curl particularly well, nor does it really lengthen or thicken. At £21 I would expect a sensitive eyes-friendly mascara that's actually really good. Why be stuck with a 'meh' mascara just because you have sensitive eyes? That doesn't sound fair to me. It also looks a good bit smaller than the size of a standard mascara - if I were to use this everyday it wouldn't last me two minutes.

Moving onto a more positive note we have the Mineral Compact Pressed Powder* and honestly, this is one of the nicest powders I've ever used. It's extremely soft and finely milled but not at all powdery and perfectly sets my makeup without ever making things look cakey or too matte. I mean, in reality powder is probably one of the areas of makeup I'm least fussy about but I do know a good one when I see one and this is up there. However at £52.50 I'd expect truly amazing things regardless of the fact it's all natural with skin-friendly ingredients etc. etc. Like I've mentioned mine has already broken with the flippy section holding the powder (there's a sponge underneath) completely breaking off meaning I can't take it out and about with me anymore. That's not cool at all, and especially not at that price.

Last but definitely not least is my favourite of the bunch with the High Definition Foundation*. In short, if you have oily skin you will probably hate this but for dry skin it is a dream. Oddly the formula is really quite thick but it's also very creamy and moisturising and I find applying it with fingers is the only way to go. When I first tried it I thought it might actually be too dewy but I discovered that you really must powder over it or else it never really sets. Once powdered (with the above it's a gorgeous combination) it gives a seriously flawless result that's not dewy but not matte and just leaves skin looking really healthy and perfected. I have the shade N45 Cool Neutral which I wouldn't be able to so much as look at in winter but now that I have a tan it's a good match - in fact my arms are actually now much darker than the foundation and my whole body is a mish-mash of different colours, I really can never win. This is also £52.50 and again, I just wish the packaging was something a bit more special as it's nothing to write home about and there's just nothing about it that screams 'luxury'.

Basically, I'm conflicted. The foundation and powder are really very good but I just can't get away from those prices. I get that it's a small, all-natural brand with really good ingredients so it is going to be slightly more expensive than the average but they're far pricier than the likes of even Chanel and Dior. Crazy, huh? If the prices were halved and in attractive, durable packaging I would be shouting from the rooftops about Claudia Louch makeup. I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on the whole price vs. packaging vs. quality thing, it's definitely an interesting one.
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May Favourites

May Favourites

Even though I often think it but don't say it I feel like this time I need to: How is June already? It feels like only two minutes ago that I was writing my April Favourites, although that's probably because I've barely blogged this month - sometimes life really does just get in the way. With a full time job and a second job as a makeup artist I barely have a day off which doesn't really allow the time  - or energy - for blogging. But I'm hoping that I can get things back on track soon because I miss it! I really do. So with that, let's get on with this blogging business where today I'm jabbering on about my most favourite products of May.

In last months favourites I mentioned the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque but this time round I'm showcasing the Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Conditioner. This stuff is absolutely fab and I've literally used it every single day pretty much since I got it, in fact it's very close to running out. I apply it on wet hair, on dry hair, multiple times a day because it never, ever makes my hair feel greasy or heavy. What with the whole Project Grow Long Hair thing (which I'm doing really well at by the way, go me) I'm using as little heat on my hair as possible and leave it to dry naturally 90% of the time - something I never thought I'd see myself doing. This means that I need something to tame the frizz and that's where Macadamia comes in. The cream doesn't totally transform my hair or anything, but what it does do is it adds moisture, reigns in the frizz and even texturises it slightly, all without it ever feeling like it's got product in. It is lightweight so probably wouldn't do much for thicker hair but for my fine-but-lots-of-it hair type it's a bit of a lifesaver.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is usually my daily foundation of choice but after running out I decided to repurchase the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, something I used to use a good couple of years ago but always just to lighten up too-dark foundations as the shade Light Porcelain is truly very pale. Now though I'm using it on its own in the shade Ivory and actually I would say it's a much better fit for my skin than the very yellow based Healthy Mix Serum as it has more of a 'beige', skintone like colour to it with no distinctive yellow, pink or orange tones. It has a very lightweight, fluid formula that works so so well with my dry skin and yet despite its light coverage it lasts and stays looking fresh for a long time, longer in fact than Healthy Mix Serum. Is it better? I'm still undecided on that one but it's definitely one to rival it.

I'm very fussy with my daily moisturiser, even the ones that claim they're great for dry skin are very rarely rich enough. Quite often I find myself using night creams on a morning as they tend to actually give me the level of moisture I need which is exactly what I've been doing with the Organic Surge Radiance Recovery Night Cream.* It's definitely not as rich as my usual Oilatum but one and a half pumps moisturises my skin well and provides a good base for my foundation. As with all Organic Surge products it's packed full of really beneficial ingredients like Argan oil (third ingredient(!)), Safflower oil and Damask Rose oil so it really does work to deeply hydrate the skin. The only downside is the price - at £22.50 it definitely doesn't come cheap - and the fact I seem to be getting through it at quite an alarming rate, but that's only because I really do like to slather it on.

Since running out of MAC Peach Blossom I had to do a bit of shopping the stash and came up with the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked. When I first bought this a couple of years ago I was going through a real phase with my lipsticks and wouldn't touch anything that wasn't a really cool, light pink (think MAC Hue and Creme Cup) and so the more warm undertones of Naked were out of the question, even though in reality it's not really that warm. I've done a total 180 now though and am loving wearing it over MAC Spice (yeah... still not over it) to add a bit of pink and some gloss. The formula is super creamy, moisturising and comfortable to wear and I only wish I'd given it a chance sooner. It just goes to show, it's really worth shopping your stash as tastes change and it can throw up some real gems.

Lastly we have the Full Fat Lashes mascara from Charlotte Tilbury. Admittedly I've had this since March but for some unknown reason didn't give it a chance until recently (I do this a lot, don't ask me why) and actually as it turns out it's pretty good. I wouldn't say it's overly great at lengthening but it thickens nicely, never clumps - literally, like zero clumps and the formula is really soft and creamy so the eyelashes never go flakey or crispy. As for how well it holds a curl I can't really comment as I've had LVL Lashes done (eyelash perming basically, yeah it's a thing) and so they're staying curled of their own accord at the minute. I'm still completely obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury makeup, by the way, and have a wishlist as long as my arm. I'm sure it won't be too long until I snap and place a big ol' order... again...
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Products I've Hit Pan On

Soap-&-Glory-Solar-Powder, Illamasqua

While my last post was on empties and using a product up completely, this one is focusing on those products I've yet to use up in their entirety but that I've achieved the elusive and coveted status of 'hitting pan' on. If anything, it's actually more difficult to hit pan on a product than it is to use up say a bottle of foundation as those pan-form products generally take a lot longer to get through. So you know I must really like these.

First up let's take a look at the glaringly obvious one that was the inspiration for this post: Soap & Glory Solar Powder. I can only imagine how boring my face must have looked before I discovered this because it makes the biggest difference by adding so much glow, warmth and dimension. Of course, that is the job of all bronzers but this one in particular is just the absolute bomb. The colour is perfect for my skintone (not too dark and not orange) and the formula one of the best I've come across (pigmented and non-powdery) meaning it applies and blends beautifully into the skin. Basically, the love is real and as soon as I've finished it up I'll be repurchasing instantly as I use it every single day without fail. Actually, you might be wondering what's going on with my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow and why I'm not using that everyday instead and the reason is I've been using it in my kit on brides (yep, it is as amazing as everyone says) and coupled with how precious it is and the fact it has more of a sculpting effect than Solar Powder means I like to use it on myself only on more special occasions. It really deserves its own rave - I'll have to get on that.

Next up is - totally unintentionally - another Soap & Glory product with the Lid Stuff Palette in What's Nude. I've been raving about this palette for a long time and it finally seems to be getting the hype it rightly deserves. As you can see there's one shade in particular that I love over all of the others and that is Mudhoney, a matte brown that's not too light and not too dark making it the most perfect shade for day wear, night wear and everything in between. It's my go-to crease colour for all occasions and just like Solar Powder the formula is fantastic. Pigmented but not powdery with no fallout and easy blending = one perfect eyeshadow. I think this and MAC Twinks might be the only eyeshadows I've ever managed to hit pan on so it's definitely something special.

Last but not least is not a powder product but a cream and it'll be no surprise that it's a cream blush - my fave. I've had Illamasqua Promise for a lonng time now (probably too long) so it's actually taken me quite a while to hit pan on it but that's because it's just so ridiculously pigmented that only the teeniest tiniest amount is needed. Promise is a very cool-toned, cotton candy pink kind that works perfectly with my complexion and unlike a lot of cream blushers which can be quite dry in texture this one is seriously very creamy which personally I love as having dry skin means I want all of the glow. I've been using this solidly for the past few weeks and it's only in the past two days that I've instead been using and loving Stila Gerbera which is a bit more of a summer shade.

It really does take an awful long time to hit pan on a product, doesn't it? I mean I can get through moisturisers, foundations and even lipsticks at a rate of knots but powder products are another matter altogether and even cream blushers too when they're as pigmented as the ones I use. So I guess we'll see how long it takes for these to turn into 'empties' although Solar Powder is definitely on its last legs.
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