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Space NK Shopping

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Nars Concealer

Soo after finally splurging on 'the wishlist buys' the other day I decided that I couldn't stop there and went and placed an order on Space NK, AKA the place where makeup dreams come true. Amirite? I  took advantage of the 'spend £40 and get £10 off' deal they had going on (I'm such a sucker) and bought two very good but very expensive beauty bits.

First of all, a repurchase. My beloved 'can't live without you' Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla had completely ran out and I was having to rely on the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - ick. Me no likey. I went for the lightest shade Chantilly what with the winter months rolling around and it's very, very light. A bit too light for my personal tastes but it's the formula that makes this so great. So creamy, covers everything and lasts all day. I love it. Love love love.

For the other purchase, well, I like think that it's this that the £10 off applies to because when I think about the fact it costs forty five english pounds I feel a little bit sick. But really, all it took was a couple of girls on Twitter telling me how much I needed it and how truly amazing it was and I was sold. I have zero willpower. None. I am weak. The Sarah Champman Skinesis Overnight Facial was bought as a result of me desperately wanting to give my skincare routine a bit of a kick up the bum and wanting to revive it a little; before the introduction of this and the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel my routine was dull, dull, dull and my skin was too. Anyway, the Overnight Facial is a serum-oil but comes out a lot more straight up oil-like than I was expecting. I massage it in on a night (it feels so good doing this after cleansing), wake up and my skin is baby soft, plump and dare I say it... glowing? As for the scent, well, I've heard it's nice but I can't comment as my sense of smell has currently gone walkabout (again - it likes to do this now and again and I'm sad because I can't smell any of my Lush stuff. Come back!) It's early days yet so I will of course report back in full review-mode but for the price I'm not expecting it to be anything less than utterly wonderful.

I'll just end this post with the infamous words of Tom Haverford... treat yo' self. And if you get the reference you're awesome.
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My Autumn Lipstick Duo

A blogger simply can't let autumn pass by without doing an 'autumn lipsticks' post, right? Well I was going to but then remembered I have two lipsticks that get whipped out like clockwork once the weather starts turning. Both by MAC, both lustres, both in the same colour family and both genuine staples in the colder months.

Let's being with Syrup (the stubby one in the photo), a long time favourite which for a good while I wore anywhere and everywhere regardless of the season. Syrup is a pink-mauve and suits my cool, pale complexion perfectly although I do think this is one everyone could wear. It's one of those 'wear every single day and wear on nights out too' lip colours which is why it's now nothing but a sad looking stump. The purplish-mauvey undertones make it particularly autumn appropriate and while I might not wear it much in the warmer months the second it starts getting a bit chilly this is the lipstick I jump straight to. It's autumn in lipstick form, basically.

The other lipstick is Plumful (the one I'm sporting in the picture) which is basically Syrup's older sister. Same colour family, Plumful is a bit more pigmented, a bit less pink and a bit more, well, plummy. It's like the night out version of the more daytime-friendly Syrup although being a lustre formula it's not one you can go too over the top with. Which is why I love it so.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not over my Spice and Peach Blossom duo (it really is all about MAC for the lips) but I imagine it'll be gradually getting phased out more and more over the coming months. It's a bit of a cliche but sometimes you really do just need a berry lip in the autumn.
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The Wishlist Buys

Oskia Renaissance Cleanser, Stila Gerbera

You know those things that have been on your wishlist for so long but you never really get round to buying them? That's what these are, until I decided I couldn't be without the Oskia cleanser any longer and a Beauty Bay order was placed. The 20% off discount code certainly helped take the sting away (BBMISSG20).

So, Oskia. The Renaissance Cleansing Gel has been on my radar a lot recently... OK so maybe just from Lily and Anna's skincare routines but that's enough to push me over the edge and get me to make the purchase once and for all. It comes out orange with a jelly-like texture that's a bit thicker than a gel but not as heavy as a balm and emulsifies with water which you then wash/flannel away. It has all kinds of great ingredients: loads of vitamins, Omega 6, pumpkin enzymes, chamomile and rose, the list goes on. I've only been using this for a few days, once as a makeup remover (which it's amazing at) and a few times as a cleanser and already I feel like it's doing some good for my skin - I can see why a lot of people declare this their favourite cleanser. You get a very decent 100mls which makes the £28 price tag slightly easier to swallow and can find it at Beauty Bay - one of the few places it doesn't seem to be sold out at the minute. Again, there's a 20% off discount code which brings it down to £22.40. Full review will be winging its way once I've given it a good go but already I'm guessing it will be something along the lines of 'this is amazeballs'.

From a cult skincare product to a bit of a cult makeup product is the Convertible Colour in Gerbera from Stila. Considering how much of a huuuge fan of cream blush I am it's kind of shocking that this is the first time I've ever tried out Stila's and I need to give myself a slap on the wrist because Gerbera is just beautiful. Why oh why did it take me so long? It's a peachy pink without too much of the peach and the colour lifts and brightens my complexion. The formula is so, so good; it's creamy but not so creamy that it goes into greasy territory and stippling and blending it out is a doodle. It's probably my favourite cream blush formulation that I've come across to date, and I use a lot of cream blush. So Gerbera has stole my heart, basically, and I'm already sensing a bit of an obsession coming on with me hoarding all the colours. Watch this space.

Sometimes you just gotta cross them items off your wishlist, right? Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, tick, Stila Convertible Colour, tick. It feels so good.
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The Daily Face: A Whole Lotta Makeup

Daily Makeup

It's nice to check in now and again with an updated 'everyday makeup' routine when I feel my daily makeup choices have changed sufficiently (not very often - see my previous daily makeup posts). My last update was back in May when we were just getting into the warmer weather and now? Now I'm wrapping up in my coat and boots. In putting this post together I realised that I've really been wearing a lot more makeup than usual lately - it doesn't necessarily look a whole lot more on the face but it does make me feel a bit more put together.

Base: The L'Oreal Skin Perfection Perk Up Cream is another one of those skin tints (that I'm obsessed with) but it's the most similar to Origins Vitazing that I've came across yet. It would be perfect for a (very) good skin day with a bit of concealer but I've been using it underneath my foundation for a bit of extra hydration. My foundation(s) of choice have been 2/3 Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Vanilla and 1/3 Rimmel Wake Me Up in Light Porcelain. I've realised that I don't currently own a single foundation that I can use on its own without mixing it with something else to get the colour I need. For under the eyes I've been using the Givenchy Mister Light in... which I got in my makeup kit. Honestly? This isn't that good. It's a bit thick and drying for under the eyes and there's much better cheaper ones out there. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla is of course my concealer of choice although it's on its very, very last legs and I'm having to scrape right round the edges to get anything out. So sad. For pinpoint concealing it is of course Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair, What else? 

Eyes & Brows: I've been very much favouring a bit of a thicker winged liner of late - there's no denying it looks good and is definitely worth the extra effort. I use MAC Painterly on the lid to brighten up and even things out and Rimmel Glam Eyes to do the lining. It's very wet and liquidy and not the easiest to work with but it's very pigmented and lasts well. Swings and roundabouts. For mascara it's Seventeen Falsifyeye HD which is just awesome for uber curled lashes but is also on its last legs (why does everything run out at once?) For brows I've been trying out the Sleek Brow Kit in Dark and the powder side gets a thumbs up. It's pigmented,  a good colour and not warm toned. Tick, tick, tick.

Cheeks: Forget the days of blusher only on the cheek area, add some bronzer and highlighter into the mix and you've got a seriously good complexion goin' on. It'll be no surprise that Soap & Glory Solar Powder is still making a daily appearance. It is so good. One side matte bronzer, one side glow (there is no other way to describe it), together they create the most beautifully glowing and bronzed complexion and so easily too because the formula is just perfect. Have I raved about this enough yet? On the cheeks is a product I've been wearing solidly for the past two and a half months: Cosmetics a la Carte Bare Blush in Sweet Pea*. It's a lilac-leaning pink that brightens my face up like nothing else - if you suit your cool tones this is the bomb. I've even been adding a powder highlighter into the mix with the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow. Told you I've been wearing a lot of makeup! The shimmer is minuscule and the bronze not too bronze which means I can still wear it in the colder weather and on my increasingly pale skin.

Lips: Yup, I'm still rocking the Kylie Jenner-esque lip look. Or shall I say Kyle Jenner inspired because I would look utterly ridiculous if I genuinely tried to fake her lips. It's all about MAC Peach Blossom layered over MAC Spice lip liner - the two together create a fuller, more amped up version of a nude pink lip and I'm still not over it.

Ph-ew. It might sound like a lot of slap but I promise it doesn't look too much on the face and I promise it doesn't take that much longer than it usually does.
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It's Like Nail Magic

Nail Magic Wet Top Coat

I rarely post nail stuff on the blog, partly because I wonder how interesting it is to people (even though I love the process of painting my nails) and partly because *gross alert* I have psoriasis on my nails which comes and goes as some weird result of my eczema and makes them pitted and discoloured. Because of this keeping them looking as nice as possible is really important and there's not a day goes by that they're not covered in nail polish, even if they may not be featured on the blog.

When I was given the Nail Magic Wet* top coat I took it as an opportunity to get my nails looking nice enough to showcase them once and for all. Plus since the demise of Seche Vite (the bottle actually broke) I've been without a top coat for far too long and my polish has definitely been suffering as a result. The Wet version of the cult top coat is designed to give an extremely high gloss, still 'wet' looking finish and after using it for a month with numerous paint jobs can confirm it's very good at its job. One coat doesn't give as glossy a finish as the almost glass-like result of Seche Vite but two coats makes them super shiny and, of course, makes a paint job last much longer. The formula of this stuff is really good; it's quite runny in the bottle but just thick enough on the nails (I realise that makes no sense) which makes applying it a breeze and makes me think it's not going to go gloopy on me anytime soon. Plus, the bottle is super cute. It all helps.

In the picture above I'm wearing OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress which is one of my very favourite wintery shades with Nail Magic as both the base coat and top coat. Yep, why bother buying a separate product when a top coat can do the job of both? Mostly I like putting something underneath a dark polish to stop the mess that ensues when it comes to taking it off. We've all been there ladies, purple stained nails anyone?

Nail Magic Wet* trumps a lot of the cheaper top coats I've used and it only costs £5.50. So good, so cheap and I would most definitely buy it with my own pennies. If only it was more readily available in Boots and the like it would be perfect and I think would be a really popular choice. I'm sorry for every deserting you top coat, I promise I won't do it again.
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