My MAC Blushers

MAC Virgin Isle, Cubic, Subtle Breeze, Fleur Power, Something Special MAC Virgin Isle, Cubic, Subtle Breeze, Fleur Power, Something Special

Since buying Cubic blush for my kit recently I realised that although I own quite a few MAC blushers I don't really use them as often as I should which doesn't really make sense considering I'm a total blusher friend and is a total shame because just look how pretty they are. Digging them back out spurred me on to start using them again and here's what I think.  Let's commence, clockwise from top left and top to bottom on the swatches.

Virgin Isle. Oh Virgin Isle, how I love thee. When summer rolls around this is the blusher I have on my face basically every single day. The colour is intense, it's a bright almost neon (in the pan at least) red based coral that is super pigmented but applied with the lightest of hands it imparts the most beautiful pink flush that somehow manages to look incredibly natural. The formula is a true cream with none of this cream-to-powder business and despite how much I've used it have barely scratched the surface - it's that pigmented. It's just utterly beautiful and is one I've already added back into my daily makeup drawer.

Cubic. My most recent purchase, this one is for my kit but since I won't be using it for a while yet figured I may as well make the most of it and try it out on my own face for the time being. I was after a more neutral colour since all of my makeup stash is dominated with pinks and... well... it's definitely a pink. You can do all the research online you want but the lesson here is a computer screen will never give you a true reflection of the colour. Still, it's very pretty and now that it's in my possession I'm glad I have it. MAC call cubic a 'soft muted pink' which is a pretty accurate description although when swatched next to the other colours it looks entirely beige in comparison. I imagine this could actually make a really good contour shade for super pale girls, and maybe even on myself. I'll be tying it out for sure.

Subtle Breeze. You know when you pull out all of that makeup you never use and are just left thinking why haven't I been using you? That is me, with Subtle Breeze. I'm totally shopping the stash again. It's the only Mineralize blush I own from MAC and now I want more because they are just lovely with a formula that's pigmented and silky smooth. Subtle Breeze is a blue based pink with subtle shimmer so very flattering on my skin and I've been really enjoying using it these past few days. Another one added to my daily makeup drawer.

Fleur Power. I got this one in my makeup kit back in 2013 and on myself I'm not really a fan as it's a warm coral-pink but I did once use it lightly on a bride together with a statement red lip and it looked beautiful, I think because it has some red undertones to it. It's definitely not for me but one I'll be keeping in my kit, in fact it will soon be getting depotted into my blush palette (depotting is really fun by the way, who knew?)

Something Special. Another cream blush, you know how much I love them. This one is quite pale, almost pastel-looking and very much in the coral colour family although it's still got some pinkness to it (it's less orange than it looks in the swatch). I thought it might be quite similar to Stila Gerbera but actually Gerbera is a lot more pink which is probably why I love it and MAC's not so much. It would be super, super pretty on the right person so it will be coming out of my personal collection and going straight into my kit.

So it seems I've totally shopped the stash, again, and have now added a couple of blushers into/back into my daily makeup drawer. Using a powder is even a total change for me because before I started trying these out again I'd been using cream blush solidly for literally years and it's quite strange not seeing the dewiness on my cheeks. Creams will always reign supreme for me but it's really nice to switch it up now and again.
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A Long Overdue Boots Haul

Maybelline Eye Eraser, Brow Satin, Color Drama Lip Pencil

Soo, you know my last post about shopping the stash? Well err, Boots might have happened. In my defence I've barely bought any beauty stuff these past couple of months (I'm not counting my MAC purchases as they're for my kit), I literally mean maybe a few things max but let's not waste any more time dithering over whether or not they're justified buys (they're totally not) and let's get on with the good stuff.

I've wanted the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye for ages but for a long time my local Boots only stocked shades that were too dark. When I found Light I snapped it up but I have to say it's still a teeny tiny bit too dark for me and will definitely be too dark for for you really pale girls out there. Otherwise so far I like it and while a tad unhygienic the sponge-tipped applicator feels really pleasing to run under the eyes. The formula is light and creamy and while it wouldn't offer the heaviest duty coverage for really dark undereye circles for me it works just fine.

I love me a good brow product and while I like the idea of using a pencil I almost always seem to be dissatisfied with them for some reason - I'm talking Soap & Glory Archery and MAC Eye Brows which I used to love but have since kind of fell out with. I think it's because of the waxy aspect a lot of them have as they don't tend to give good colour payoff but when I swatched Maybelline Brow Satin I was pleasantly surprised to find that the twist-up pencil is nicely pigmented. I picked the shade Medium Brown over the darker and ashier Dark Brown as I actually think an ever so slightly warmer shade suits my hair colour better and looks more flattering on me. There's also a sponge loaded with powder on the other end to fill in the bulk of the colour and soften things out and I actually find it works well in conjunction with the pencil. So far I really like it and for the first time in a long time I've stepped away from my brow powders which is really saying something.

As it turns out Maybelline was on 3 for 2 so I decided on a Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Keep It Classy, a deep raspberry colour. Lots of people are claiming these to be a dupe for the Nars lip pencils but I have to disagree. I also disagree with dubbing them 'velvet' as they actually have a very creamy consistency rather than the real velvet-like feel of the Nars ones. I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all as they glide over the lips with ease and are so pigmented although I don't find the colour lasts an overly long time. You don't get a matte finish with these either, instead it's more semi-matte with a definite sheen to it which you may or may not like depending on your preferences - personally I don't mind a bit of a shine. I'll definitely be picking up Minimalist next - it's a nude pink so I mean come on, how could I not?

I'm still into lip liners in a big way and bought the No7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude, something I've had my eye on for a while and I finally caved after seeing Grace rave about it. It's a warm peachy-nude shade which I like for outlining my lips to enhance the shape - if I fill in the whole of my lips with it the colour just looks off on me. I'm determined to find my perfect neutral lip liner, I mean I really thought the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat was going to be it but - and I feel like I might actually be the only person who feels this way - I'm just not in love with it like I was expecting to be. Shocker, eh?

...Oh lord I just checked and I have £40 of points on my Boots card...whatever shall I get? Hit me up with your recommendations, I'm feeling spendy.
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I Shopped the Stash and I Liked It

Shopping the Stash

January seems to be the month that I dig deep into my drawers, dust off all that forgotten about makeup and actually get to using it. You'd think with it being the New Year and all I'd be buying up a load of new stuff but no, 'shopping the stash' seems to be the theme of the month. The products featured here are the ones that actually made the cut that I've been either enjoying using or making an effort to use out of the whole heap of makeup that I dug out.

Narsissist Palette. Do you remember the hype on this one? It was huge and I was one of the smug ones that managed to pre-order it. I hate to say it but before I got this back out I'd used it about four or five times since I bought it, how bad is that? I've just never managed to love it, somehow. All the eyeshadows are pigmented and buttery-soft as you'd expect from Nars but the colour selection just doesn't really do it for me. The lighter shades are largely warm-toned and - while very pretty - don't suit me that well and the darker colours are too dark for what I go for. I've made an effort with it, I really have, and I do like the more purpley shades like Lhasa and Brousse #2 but I think this one will be going into my kit where I can see it actually getting some love.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed. I don't really know why I let this one gather dust. I have two or three of these Rouge Edition lipsticks from Bourjois because I love the formula - they're pigmented, creamy and hydrating. Rose Tweed is a dusky pink-beige and is one of those 'wear to death' lipsticks because it's just so easy and fuss free. Admittedly it's not the most exciting colour out there but sometimes you just need a staple neutral to chuck on whenever and wherever and this is just that. 

Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo in Sculpting/Candlelight. You all know how much I love a cream product so why I hadn't used this contour and highlight duo since I bought it I really don't know. I think first of all I need to admit that contouring just isn't for me - a bit bit of bronzer to bring shape and warmth to the face I like but actual contouring is a no-go. Highlighter though, always yes, and in this duo is the cream version of the famous Candlelight powder highlighter. It's quite thin and light in consistency and very creamy with an incredibly fine shimmer that is barely detectable - this brings a real dewiness to the skin rather than any kind of fake-looking shimmer which I love. Like I need another highlighter in my life, I know, but this one gets a thumbs up from me and has been added to my daily makeup drawer.

L'oreal Skin Perfection Perk-Up Cream. I've always liked this one, it's just that it ended up hidden away once the winter months rolled along and I started piling on the foundation once again. But the problem is right now that I'm not really enjoying wearing foundation too much. I'm finding everything's looking a bit caky and feeling a bit too much on my skin and I would love to just let it breathe even for a day. Sadly I'm not quite at the stage where I can share my bare face with the world just yet so at the minute I'm applying the Origins Vitiating-esque product under my foundation to try and get away with wearing less of it. The hope is that eventually I'll be wearing the cream on its own, I mean come on, I used to do this all the time in the summer with barely-there bases and some concealer but there's something about the winter time that makes me feel like I need to hide behind a mask of foundation. Well, no more, because I'm determined to get back into lighter, more breathable formulas and this is as good a place as any to start.

On this round I've added three products to my daily makeup drawer which certainly isn't bad going. Why I buy things and then sometimes don't even so much as touch them I really don't know, I mean what a waste! In fact, some of my favourite ever products have been those that I've cast aside only to later discover their amazingness and kick myself for it.  I think I'll be shopping my stash more often from now on.
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MAC Haul & Some News

Mac Blush Palette, Cubic, Shy Girl

Believe it or not this particular MAC haul was for a slightly different purpose than for the usual satisfying my own cravings and building my personal collection. I'll keep it brief for the time being but basically I will soon be officially calling myself a makeup artist. I've been employed by a local makeup artist (well, by her company) as she is so ridiculously busy and in demand that it's just not possible for her do to all the weddings that she gets enquiries for - so I'll be taking on some of that work. She's expanding her business and has taken me on board and I'm so, so happy. It's literally a dream come true and an incredible opportunity for me to kick start my career.

So naturally the first thing I done was place a MAC order. Duh. You better believe I'll be signing up for that MAC Pro card ASAP. While I already have a good amount of makeup for my kit it's definitely still lacking in some aspects and needs a whole lot of work so I'll be focusing on getting it in tip-top shape ready for those summer weddings. On the recommendation of the makeup artist I will be depotting all of my bridal makeup-appropriate lipsticks into a palette for no other reason than sheer practicality and so bought two MAC Pro Palette Customise x12 Inserts which I will be sticking into a Duo Pro Palette that I already own.

I also got a Single Pro Palette and Blush Insert x6 for building up a collection of blushers suitable for bridal makeup. I've already slotted in Sculpting Powder in Sculpt, will be depotting Fleur Power blush as soon as I get my hands on some magnets and bought Cubic, a really pretty light dusky pinky-beige as I needed a slightly more neutral colour than all of the full-on pinks that I own. I just can't seem to place a MAC order without getting a lipstick too and decided on Shy Girl, the much raved about pale peach colour that unsurprisingly does not suit me (what can I say, I just had to try it on myself first) but of course it's not for me and will undoubtedly make a great colour for a lot of people. 

My kit won't be exclusively made up of MAC or anything but it's always a pretty good place to start when you know the products and you know that they work. And I have to say, I get the same amount of joy - if not more - buying makeup for my kit as I do buying it for myself, which isn't necessarily a good thing *hides bank card* So I guess here's to new beginnings and doin' people's makeup! I cannot wait to get started.
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The Return of the Foundation Brush

Louise Constad Brush, Sigma F60 Foundation Brush

Since the revelation that was the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and then the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush I never, ever thought I'd see myself going back to a traditional flat foundation brush, but here we are. I don't know why I decided to dig it back out exactly, I just all of a sudden had a craving to use one again after (literally) years of using a buffing brush.

I currently have two in my stash: the Sigma F60 Foundation Brush and the Louise Constad Foundation Brush which I got in my kit. I've used the Louise Constad on quite a few people in the past and it's basically the best 'traditional' foundation brush I've used so is the one I dug out to try on myself (don't worry, it's been washed well). Who thought I would actually miss how a foundation brush feels on the skin? I've been using it with the L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation and it's making a really nice change to my Sephora Mineral Powder Brush, in fact I think certain types of foundation probably fare better with a flat brush. I know with the L'Oreal foundation in particular although it does give luminosity to the skin it's not overly creamy and I was finding the Sephora brush sometimes wasn't blending in the product so well. The Louise Constad brush is really quite big and chunky which makes applying and blending in foundation really quick and easy compared to the relatively small head of the Sephora brush.

Maybe I'm alone on this one but there's just something about the feel of a foundation brush across the skin that I love and while I'm sure it's just a phase that won't last forever for the time being I'm really enjoying the change of scenery. I would encourage you to put down your buffing brush just for one day, dust off your old foundation brush and give it a go. Maybe you hate it, maybe like me it turns out you really like the change. Or maybe you've always used a 'traditional' foundation brush, but whichever it is it's always nice to switch it up now and again.
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